Tribe is for the children: The Sesame Street Muppets vs. “Scenario”

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As heads everywhere know, A Tribe Called Quest rapper Malik Izaak “Phife Dawg” Taylor died on March 22 due to complications from diabetes, a disease Phife struggled with his whole life. He was one of the all time greats.

So it is not entirely surprising that this video mash-up appeared April 9. It’s not a new idea (this is still one of the best), but this one is executed just perfectly.

Doesn’t hurt that the song is bullet-proof; still, well done, everybody. (Thank you to the great Marlon James for putting it on his Facebook page.)

And for those who don’t feel like looking it up (or aren’t 40-somethins who know this song cold):

Phife = Elmo

Charlie Brown = Kermit

Dinco D = Grover

Q-Tip = Fozzie

Busta Rhymes = the Count





R.I.P. Phife.  (On a side note, Jim Henson will be dead 26 years on May 16.)

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