Yet another form-destroying live clip by Prince (UPDATED WITH MORE MUSIC)

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So in the days following Prince’s death, fans started uploading various live clips, videos or complete concert performances — that show the range and depth of his talent.

Prince’s lawyers used to play whack-a-mole with this stuff, but, well, let’s assume they have other things to do right now.

Virtually all of the clips have been good at the bare minimum, reminding everyone that the Beautiful One was one of the great live musicians of his generation or maybe of any generation.

But I have never seen him do anything quite like this. From Spanish TV, Prince turns “Motherless Child” into a Krautrock gospel jam for the ages.


I am now watching it for the fifth time. My jaw has an appointment to meet up with the rest of my face sometime later this week.

Check back throughout the week as I will be adding as many live clips as I can find to this entry so I, you and the universe have them all in one place

UPDATE: here is the full 37 minute set.

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