The problems with fan entitlement are today’s (and yesterday’s) topic du jour

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People got really mad.
People got really mad.

People got really mad.

Fan entitlement is all over the news this week (well, the part of the news that consists of internet culture dedicated to sharing and retweeting pieces about popular culture). The Alamo Drafthouse publication Birth.Movies.Death published a piece from BMD editor Devin Faraci entitled “Fandom is Broken” about the Internet outrage machine’s searing unpleasantness. F

araci has been a controversial figure now and then but the piece is a solid entry into a conversation that folks are having.

It followed a similar piece (which Faraci cites) by Jesse Hassenger called “Ghostbusters, Frozen, and the strange entitlement of fan culture”

Beating them by a month was Austin filmmaker Clay Liford’s excellent piece “Fanboys, Hollywood Owes You Nothing.”

Then again, this is not exactly a new topic. Check out Scott Mendelson’s piece for Forbes, “‘Batfleck’, ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ And Fan Entitlement Syndrome,” which dates from September of 2013. (Hey, say what you will about ol’ Ben; “Batman v Superman” was a trash fire but it wasn’t his fault. And clearly it was review-proof; “BvS” grossed $328.8 million domestically, $871 million worldwide.)

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