This week in comics: More DC Rebirth, bargain reprints from Marvel and Lovecraftian horror

This is not all of the comics and graphic novels in stores this week but a few that jumped out at me from the Diamond list.

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DC Comics

batman-1_0Batman #1

Superman #1

Green Arrow #1

Green Lanterns #1

Titans Rebirth #1:  DC continues its latest universe reboot with all new #1s and status quos (including this new Superman, who is the old, pre-New 52, John Byrne/Dan Jurgens Superman, who is married to Lois and has a kid — man, that is a weird development

Dark Knight Returns: Last Crusade #1: Man, take a look at Frank Miller and his on-going effort to squeeze money out of “The Dark Knight Returns.” What was once a classic story is now a franchise. This time around, we have the story of Batman last mission, pre-retirement. Features the Joker and the death of Jason Todd (in this universe). A 64-page one-shot written with Brian Azzarello and drawn by John Romita Jr.

Marvel Comics

Civil War II #2 Marvel’s summer event series”Civil War II” continues. Heroes will live! Heroes will die!

Black Panther #2 (2nd Print) Another printing for Black Panther #2 (#1 was the year’s best selling comic)

Star Wars: Han Solo #1 The flooding of the market with Star Wars titles continues with a mini-series on everyone’s favorite smuggler, this time written by Marjorie Liu.

Timely Comics: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Timely Comics: Invincible Iron Man

Timely Comics: New Avengers:  The Timely Comic line is a budget priced reprint series of titles Marvel wants to goose- the first three issues of a particular title for $3. Which is both a terrific way to let folks jump on for a cheap and a sharp reminder that single-issue comics are really expensive.  I highly recommend “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” which not only features an African-American girl at the center but is also about her pet dinosaur. Come on, that is awesome.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Presents #23: Another issue of Dark Horse’s genre comics anthology book. I am always happy to see an anthology book thriving in this marketplace. 

28936Weird Detective #1: A new series from the great Fred Van Lente, one of the best comics writers of his generation (no, really; dude does terrific genre books and wrote “Action Philosophers” — he goes in the pantheon).  Speaking of genre, this is a mix of Lovecraft and cop drama

“Neil Gaiman’s How to Talk to Girls at Parties”: a comic book adaptation by the excellent  Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá about a weird boy and his trouble with girls.  

“Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: The Cloud of Hate and Other Stories”: The collected DC series Sword of Sorcery, which means Denny O’Neil scripts based on Leiber’s stories, penciled by very young pre-legends such as Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson.


Image Comics

Lazarus #22: Greg Rucka’s future-feudal dystopia continues apace. A very enjoyable read even though a TV show is in the works. Yes, I said even though.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

“Compass South: Four Points Vol. 1”: Hope Larson (known for her comics adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time”) and illustrator Rebecca Mock join forces for this all-ages graphic novel about a pair of twins engage in 19th century high seas adventure.


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