Five things we hope MTV airs on MTV Classic

MTV has announced plans to rebrand VH1 Classic as MTV Classic starting Aug. 1, which is 35 years to the day that MTV first debuted

Look for a “Total Request Live” retrospective called “The TRL Decade,” a marathon of “MTV Unplugged,” animated programming block including “Daria,” “Beavis & Butt-head” and “Aeon Flux.”

Here are five things we would love to see MTV Classic air.

Any awards show hosted  by Chris Rock. Rock hosting the Oscars in 2005 is still one of the gnarliest mocking-of-people-sitting-in-front-of-a-comedian performances ever (“Who is Jude Law?!?!”). But Rock’s greatest snapping-on-those-present moments came during was the 1999 MTV Awards. He also killed at the 1997 VMAs.

THESTATEMTVLOGO“The State” with the original music cues. The MTV sketch comedy show “the State” received mixed reviews at the time (and the crew’s decision to leave the network turned out to be famously unwise). But, as anyone who pays attention to comedy knows, the cast of the State went on to do great things. Not only is the show beloved by the very folks at whom MTV Classic is aimed, but the DVDs do not feature much of the 90s era pop songs that scored the sketches. Look, we just want to see the “Pants” sketch with the Breeders’ “Cannonball.”

Entire episodes of vintage MTV News and vintage MTV Rockumentaries/specials. Not just clips but the entire show. What else was going on the week Kurt Loder talked about Gwar? What else was going on when 2 Liver Crew had legal troubles? And can we see the entirety of that awesome Wu Tang Rockumentary in 1997 when it for sure looked like it was going to be their year except that was also the year Biggie died and welp, Puffy and Big pretty much owned all of 1997.

Badfinger, one of the most cursed bands in human history

Badfinger, one of the most cursed bands in human history

Episodes of Behind the Music that were only aired a few times because they were just too depressing for words. Thin Lizzy and Badfinger, I am looking in your direction. Especially Badfinger. Oy vey.

and finally, “Austin Stories.” Laura House, Chip Pope, and Howard Kremer, we will never forget you.  Even if you can find them on YouTube. 


What would YOU like to see?

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