This week: “Star,” “La La Land” and the return of “The Man in the High Castle”

star_promo_title_card“Star” (Fox). Another music drama from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels, this one seems to be about a female R&B trio based in Atlanta rather than an NYC hip-hop dynasty. With Benjamin Bratt and Queen Latifah; look for guest spots from Naomi Campbell and Lenny Kravitz. The show premieres this month and returns in January. (Dec. 14)

  “La La Land.” Written and directed by Damien “Whiplash” Chazelle, “La La Land” stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt and J. K. Simmons in an old-school, classic Hollywood-style musical that Chazelle made for $20 million. (Dec. 16)

seriously, read the book

seriously, read the book

  “The Man in the High Castle” (Amazon). It isn’t clear if America will really, really not be in the mood for the second season of a fantasy series in which the Axis won World War II — or if they really, really will be. Either way, the show is completely different from Philip K. Dick’s novel, which is one of my all-time favorite books. (Dec. 16)

 Tony Bennett, “Tony Bennett Celebrates 90” (Columbia/Legacy). This year has been an utter trash fire of celebrity deaths, but this dude is still with us and celebrates with an 18-song compilation; there is also an Amazon-exclusive three-CD deluxe edition. (Dec. 16).

The Kinks, “The Mono Collection” (Sanctuary). Well, everyone from the Beatles to the Stones has released contemporary, mono LP collections of their classic albums, so the most underrated band of its era (at least in the States) might as well join in. This is a 10-LP set of 180-gram vinyl that covers 1964 to 1969, including “Live aAt Kelvin Hall” and the double LP compilation “The Kinks” (aka tThe Black Album), and also includes a hardcover 48-page book. Expect to pay about $200. (Dec. 16)

David Murray, “The Complete Remastered Recordings Volume 3” (Black Saint/Soul Note). A six-CD box set covering some 1980s work by one of the best jazzmen of his generation. (Dec. 16)

Rush, “2112 (40th Anniversary)” (Anthem/Mercury / UMe). The band’s classic (especially if you really like Ayn Rand) 1976 album in a remastered two-CD, one-DVD set with live and previously unreleased material, plus, for reasons that pass understanding, covers from Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins, Alice in Chains and Steven Wilson. (Dec. 16)

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