A whole mess of new music, “Jughead: The Hunger” and Richard Nixon

It’s record releasin’ season, folks! (But also Jughead. There’s always room for Jughead.)

Craig Finn, “We All Want the Same Things” (Partisan). Here is the Hold Steady frontman’s third solo album. (Out now)

 Ruthie Foster, “Joy Comes Back” (Blue Corn Music). The Austin folk artist’s new album contains a cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and the Four Tops’ “Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever.” (Out now)

 The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Damage and Joy” (EK OK). Dear JAMC, “tryin’ (to) win your interest back” is a pretty on-the-nose first line for a first single from a 2017 JAMC album. First spin: chill, more noise would have been nice, but it’s better than “Munki,” but so is slamming your hand in a door. (Well, that’s at least more exciting,) (Out now)’

“Richard Nixon: The Life” by John A. Farrell (Doubleday). Behold: 750+ pages of Tricky Dick. Not sure it will get much more definitive than this. (Out now)

“Jughead: The Hunger” (Archie). So let’s day you’re a “Riverdale” fan who does NOT follow comics. You may be surprised to learn than Archie have gotten a bit more…well, one is reluctant to say “Mature,” so let’s go with PG/PG-13 here and there. This is part of the Archie Horror line, as Jughead, once known for being hungry for burgers, goes full werewolf here. (March 29)

 Rodney Crowell, “Close Ties” (New West). Look for ex-wife Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow and John Paul White to show up on the new one by the pride of Crosby. (March 31)

 Bob Dylan, “Triplicate” (Columbia). The Nobel laureate for literature continues his string of covers albums, which might count as trolling the entire country of Sweden. This one’s a triple: Disc 1 is called “‘Til the Sun Goes Down”; Disc 2, “Devil Dolls”; Disc 3, “Comin’ Home Late.” (March 31).

 Mastodon, “Emperor of Sand” (Reprise). The newest one from these metal titans and Austin favorites. Gee whiz, I have seen these guys a lot over the years. (March 31)


Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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