Central Texas-shot “The Son,” starring Pierce Brosnan, debuts this weekend

“The Son” starts airing on AMC on April 8. Contributed by James Minchin III/AMC

Remember when James Bond was all over Austin? Pierce Brosnan was in Central Texas last year filming “The Son,” the TV adaption of the novel by Austin author Philipp Meyer. Saturday, we’ll finally be able to watch the AMC show, which premiered last month at South by Southwest.

American-Statesman freelance writer Charles Ealy talked with Brosnan when he was in town for the festival about filming the series and about his character, Eli McCullough.

“There’s something archetypal and so American about the man,” Brosnan says. “He’s a mythic hero, and that appeals to me enormously. I was brought up on the banks of the River Boyne in Ireland, on a staple of cowboys and Indians, and when I left to go to London with my mother, our Sundays were always filled with Westerns after we had lunch. So I love looking back at Westerns.”

Read the rest of the interview, plus a look at the many actors in the series who have ties to Texas.

PHOTOS: “The Son” red carpet at South by Southwest

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