Tom Holland is Spider-Man and Rihanna and is perfect at both

Tom Holland is my favorite 20-year-old famous person at the moment.

The young actor absolutely nailed it last year in our first look at him as Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man, in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Tom Holland is Spider-Man

The part was written perfectly, and Holland was note-perfect: the quips, the physicality, all of it.

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Here is the latest trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” which comes out this summer, along with some released footage.

My favorite moment might be where Holland is kinda pulling a Michael Keaton reaction shot at the :58 mark (seeing as how Keaton was both Batman and Birdman).

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I was like, “OK, Tom Holland, still killin’ it as the Hero Who Could Be You.”

But then, Holland did this on the MTV show “Lip Synch Battle.”

Which is a good reminder that Holland is a song and dance man back home in England. (He played “Billy Elliot” on stage.) This is years of dance lessons, loads of talent and total fearlessness all at once.

Spectacular, Spider-Man.


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