The writers of “Alias,” an ode to “Parks and Rec” and more coming to the ATX Television Festival

First season promo photo of "Alias" cast. We and they were so young.
First season promo photo of “Alias” cast. We and they were so young. Gotta love Bradley Cooper waaay in the back.

Remember “Alias,” the show that launched Jennifer Garner and creator J.J. Abrams, brought us Victor Garber as a concerned dad/CIA lifer, substituted someone called Milo Rambaldi for Leonardo da Vinci and acted as a fun allegory for how women have to do it all (grad student/maintain a relationship/ special agent)? Yes, that one.

The writers room, including Ken Olin, Lawrence Trilling, Sarah Caplan, Monica Breen and more, will reunite for the ATX Television Festival, it was announced today. No word as to whether Abrams will attend the fest, which will take place June 8-11.


This year’s community screening (which is open to badgeholders and non-badgeholders alike) will feature “Parks and Recreation.” It’s slated to take place June 9 at Hotel San Jose.  The event will include live music, food and drink and additional activities inspired by Pawnee’s annual Harvest Festival. (Will a miniature horse play Li’l Sebastian? One would hope.)

These panels and programs join such previously announced events as the “Designing Women” 30th anniversary reunion, a cast/creative reunion of the iconic series “Northern Exposure” and retrospectives for Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s series “Evening Shade” and “Hearts Afire,”

Creator/executive producer Mara Brock Akil (“Being Mary Jane,” “The Game”), and “Sweet/Vicious” creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson and showrunner Amanda Lasher will join this year’s lineup as first-time panelists for a variety of conversations, along with returning ATX advisory board members David Hudgins (“Shut Eye,” “Parenthood”), Liz Tigelaar (“Casual”), Graham Yost (“Sneaky Pete,” “Justified”), Michael Rauch (“Royal Pains”) and Kathleen McCaffrey (vice president of programming at HBO).

Advisory board member Glen Mazzara (“The Shield,” “The Walking Dead”) will present a panel titled “The Anti Hero: History of an American Myth,” an in-depth look at pop culture’s revered and reviled male anti-hero, from its origin in colonial storytelling to its well-documented presence in TV’s golden age and its current impact on society.

Paul Scheer (“Human Giant,” “The League”) will host a screening and panel conversation about the independent pilot process, discussing the intricacies and decisions behind the departure from the traditional “pitch, pilot, pick up” model.

Co-creator/executive producer Marta Kauffman will return to the festival with fellow Okay Goodnight! producers Robbie Rowe Tollin and Hannah K.S. Canter for a discussion with the creative team behind the original series “Grace & Frankie,” among other panels.





Author: Joe Gross

Joe Gross has covered books, movies, music and culture for the American-Statesman since 2002. He tweets at @joegross.

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